OUR PRODUCTSSecondary & Micro Elements KELAMYTH MP6

Iron (Fe) water soluble % 6
EDDHA chelated Iron (Fe) % 6
Stable pH range of EDDHA chelate (Fe) 3 - 10


EDDHA chelated Kelamyth MP6 is specially designed for all kinds of plants; specially it is designed to prevent or solve in quickest and most efficient way in case of general iron deficiency symptoms are occured. Application results of Kelamyth MP6: 1) control of chlorosis and better photosynthesis activity 2) supporting vegetative growth in case of trouble 3) prevention of flower and fruit dropping 4) more colorful and brighter fruit and flower formation.

Usage: This product should only be applied from the soil. It can not be applied foliar. Under the outer branches of the trees the soil is excavated 15-20 cm in a circular manner, the recommended dose per tree is poured dry or diluted to the excavated pit, then it has to be covered with soil and irrigated. The application can be done by injecting into the soil with irrigation systems or pouring into 4-6 pits that are projected around the tree. It is taken from the root and reaches to all the organs of the plant. The soil should be moist during application. If used in drip irrigation systems, it is applied at a dose of 250 gr/da. Seeds and cut flower bulbs are immersed in 0.2 - 0.4% solution before sowing.

pH (%1 solution w/w) 8,0
E.C. (1 g/L) 533 µS/cm
Solubility (at 20 ºC) 100 g/L
Color Brown
Chelated Fractions 3-10 pH (the pH range at which the chelate is stabilized)

Nursery plants 10-20 g / tree
New fruit forming trees 50 g / tree
Productive trees 80-150 g / tree
Citrus 150-200 g / tree
Vineyard 10-20 g / plant
Ornamental flowers 500 g /da or 2-4 g/m2 (with 2-4 L water)
Strawberry, Raspberry 500-1000 g /da or 2-4 g/m2 (with 2-4 L water)
Vegetables 100-300 g /da or 2-4 g/m2 (with 2-4 L water)
Field crops 200-300 g /da or 2-4 g/m2 (with 2-4 L water)
Soilless 150-300 g /100 L water