TATSAN TARIM  LTD. is the representative company in Turkey for the world leading Italian companies of GREEN HAS ITALIA S.p.A. and AMINCO S.r.l. The headquarter of the company is located in Antalya and it has been an active company in the agriculture sector since 2001. In Eastern Anatolia Region, Aegean Region, Black Sea Region and as well as in Adana province Tatsan Tarım is working with "distributor system".

TATSAN TARIM's portfolio contains specific and highly effective plant nutrition products. TATSAN TARIM alongside with special fertigation programs is aiming not only to grow healthy and quality plants but also to protect the environment and soil resources of our planet. In order to promote the Turkish agriculture to reach to the level that deserves, the same as the level of contemporary countries, TATSAN TARIM aims to assist Turkish farmers to produce high quality products requiring specific nutritional fertilizers. As after sales assistance, we continue to support our farmers with technical assistance, so they can use our special products consciously and effectively.


TATSAN TARIM; strengthening both its product portfolio and technical staff each day, by quitting from local, TATSAN is aiming to appeal to every point of  entire Turkey. The company is offering on demand technical service activities to the Turkish farmers during sales and post-sales. With its proficient staff who are serving in whole Turkey, our company is developing continuously and will continue to improve itself and promote agriculture sector in Turkey by being side by side with the Turkish farmers.




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We have imported NUTRIGREEN AD which is organic fertilizer containing amino acid from animal origin. Due to its low E.C. value and thanks to high L-amino acid content the product starts to work within the plant as soon as it is applied. The changes that you want to make on the growing plant are visible very fast and with high quality. Thanks to its high content of organic matter, organic carbon and organic nitrogen is extremely effective in the plant nutrition.

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Product packaging is a business card that helps to be recognized and known. The new packaging not only presents a fresh appearance, but also symbolizes the vitality and openness of the Green Has Italia and Tatsan Tarım partnership. As all colors have meaning, the purpose of use of all our products is also special. The new look is now a reality, but our products are the same, we just changed the dress!

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We have imported new and uniquely effective organic fertilizers. Our recommendation for the special demands of our farmers, such as meeting organic production needs, high efficiency and increase in soil quality, is Vivema Twin!